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For fashion to advance, you must have the ability to look back. For those obsessed with fashion, the archive is undoubtedly a testimony of the act of preservation and, of course, a sophisticated symbol of taste. The archives take time to be built, the wardrobes or storage units full of rare shoes, dresses and bags, some never used, are only perfected after countless hours spent on eBay and in the depths of dark vintage sales. The results end up being remarkable representations of the history of fashion.

This book gathers the most significant collections of those obsessed with the archives, capturing the wardrobes of an impressive list of fashion and design talents. Readers will be able to learn in depth the extensive Comme des Garçon archive by Michèle Lamy, the coveted (and colourful) collection of Sarah Andelman’s trainers and T-shirts, the growing archive of Helmut Lang by ENDYMA, the fabulous set of Zaha Hadid footwear and more. This volume, with over 300 pages, carefully shows the theme’s archive, while showcasing top-level brands and seasons difficult to get: Issey Miyake, Maison Martin Margiela, Thierry Mugler, John Galliano, and Alexander McQueen, among others, and serves as an indispensable reference for those interested in the history of fashion and in building their own archive.

Essays by outstanding thinkers and writers provide insightful commentary together with each collection presented in this new and instructive fashion bible.
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